Jesus & Guns Review

January 9, 2016

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Eric Durrance first became known as the lead singer of the Christian group Big Dismal, but after going solo in the country music scene, he instantly made a splash in the opening spot for Jason Aldean and Lady Antebellum on 2008’s “CMT On Tour,” and also as a songwriter on Jake Owen’s “Eight Second Ride.” Since 2010 however, Durrance has fronted the Tobacco Rd Band and with the release of their new single “Jesus & Guns,” they prove that they’ve always been a bit ahead of the curve. The modern country song, taken from their 2012 debut EP Where The Girls Are, focuses loosely on one of the hottest topics of today; guns and the rights surrounding them. However, when you dig into the lyrics this depth filled song is more about values that need to be upheld. Singing an older generation (in this case his dad) giving the younger generation wise advice type of lyric, we are pulled into the song with the line “I remember the day daddy gave me his Bible and that old double barrel 12 gauge.” From here, we are taken on an advice filled journey that includes living your life by the words written in red, keeping the gun oiled and clean, protecting your family at any cost, but also remembering the cross. This very topical song is exactly what is needed on country radio today. It shows that there is an awareness and stance to be taken for what is and what isn’t right. Durrance has stated, “this issue goes way beyond what President Obama is doing, but that’s what finally motivated me to put this song out to any radio stations that might want it.” It’s been a long time since a flag of this type has been waved on country radio, but now is as good a time as any for it to boldly fly again.